Posted on My Caringbridge site the morning after Anna died:

“The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord

Written Mar 3, 2013 5:08am

It is with utter shock and disbelief that I come to you all yet again begging for prayers.

Our beautiful girl, our first born baby, was rescued from a terrible crash by the wings of Angels.  She took a flight of Mercy to the arms of the one and only Savior.
She is finally reunited with her baby brother of course too, a day we all have dreamed of.
So for her what a gift. What a Mercy. Our Lord is Good always and loving. 
He answered Anna’s prayers and ultimately every prayer this mother ever had for her child.
She is happy.  She is healthy.  She is perfect and beautiful.  She sees and knows the truth about how much she was loved, by her heavenly Father and by us.  She finally knows the treasure and gift she’s always been.  For all this I am thankful.
For My Jesus, who is weeping with me, I am thankful
My my mother Mary, who is walking with me, I am thankful
And for all of you walking beside us through this vale of tears, I am thankful
Requiescat in pace my sweet


Anna Noelle Pullano January 27, 1995- March 2, 2013

Anna Noelle Pullano
January 27, 1995- March 2, 2013

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  2. Even though this post has brought sadness and suffering to your family once again Karen, I love reading it over and over just so I can see Anna’s beautiful face again xoxo.

  3. The Year 2000 a year of mercy

    The year that all the catholic cathedrals had a door opened for mercy. Pope John Paul II in 1999 had closed a door in St. Louis Mo. Cathedral, to be opened in 2000 for mercy year.
    Our daughter Sonia who was born Nov. 3,1966 with multiple birth defects. One lung, heart on the wrong side & turn side ways & a couple of holes in her heart, one ear missing, hard of hearing & curvature of the spine and many others defects. The day she was born the doctors told us that she would not live. The nurse told me she baptized my daughter and I prayed to God to let my little girl live. The doctors kept telling us that she was not going to live very long. But she had a very strong will and kept on living through several major operations. Such as, when she was around 5 years old, tubes in planted from her bladder to her kidneys and then a 10 hour operation on spine. They put a rod in her back and tied her spine to it. Because the spine was putting pressure on her only lung, this was when she was around 12 years old. Then when she was about 25 years old she had to go on oxygen 24 hours a day. At this time they put her on a transplant list, for a heart & lung transplant.
    She told me she prayed to God to meet a young man with two kids, as she love children but could not have any because of her condition.
    On new years of 1999 she meet Ken and they fell in love.
    You’re right he had two children a boy Matt,12 & a girl Donna,11. Ken and his children had never been baptized and they did not go to church. Well they signed up for RCIA and I was Ken’s sponsor.
    In the year 2000,Easter vigil Ken and his children were baptized, & received their first communion and Ken was confirmed. Then on May 13,2000 Sonia & Ken were married in St. Mary’s church. It was a awesome wedding. [ Note: May is the month of our blessed Mother Mary. And 13 believe it or not stands for One God in Three Persons.]
    My wife’s sister Pat, who was at this time living with us and was dying of cancer. Pat had never been married & of course had no children, but was like a second mother to my children.
    She had lost a very good job and had to find a job which was not paying good enough to keep her house. So she sold it and moved in with us. That was before she had cancer. While living with us is when she came down with cancer. So my wife took care of Pat and she continued to care for our daughter Sonia. At this time our daughter Sonia had to go about once a month to have blood removed, as her blood was getting very thick and her heart was having a had time pumping it around her body.
    On July 12, 2000, Pat passed away in our house. I had been praying the rosary every night next to her bed and while she was taking her last breath, I also prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet while holding her hand.
    Then on August 2, 2000 Sonia got her heart & lung transplant. They put two lungs in her. She was clinically dead for thirty minuets and her body temperature was 20 degrees, and it swelled so bad that the doctors could not close her up. It was four days later, they took her back in to close her up.
    The doctors did not say much as they said they had to do things that they had not done before, such as Sonia’s artery to her heart was too small to hook the heart pump up so they said they were beside their self, but finally they went to her leg and was able to use a artery there.
    Sonia did wake up on the first day, but because of the breathing machine she could not talk, but she could sign, ( she knew sign language from school).
    Oh, one other thing my wife and I could not go in her room because we both had a cold. We had to look through the window and this was only for a brief time, as they made us stay out in the waiting room. But Ken & our son, his wife & our other daughter was permitted to go in.
    When my wife was able to go in, one day a nurse kept telling Sonia she was going to be alright, Sonia had been complaining about something. My wife, Ruth said Sonia told her mom, “I know I am going to be alright, Pat (my wife’s sister who passed away) told me God said I will be alright”. Then on another day My son, & his wife was in the room with Sonia and Sonia told her brother, Shawn “Patsy is right next to you”. Shawn told her she was hallucinating, Sonia got a little upset and she said Pat left.
    Now in February 2003 our son Shawn finds out he has an aneurysm in the main artery to the heart and a bad leaking aorta valve in the heart. So on March 17, 2003 he was operated on. They put a stint in the artery and a mechanical valve in the heart.
    Both our daughter Sonia and our son Shawn are doing as good as can be expected. Sonia can do more now than she has been able to do all her life.
    Both were a miracle, Sonia was a miracle all her life and Shawn because his problem was found before it has burst. He would have died on the spot.
    Thanks be to God!
    The year 2000, a year of grace and mercy.
    I did go through the door of mercy in St. Louis cathedral in the year 2000.
    My God continue too have mercy on us. Amen

    Charles Fears
    P.S. I also saw Pope John Paul II in St. Louis in January 1999. Below are pictures of Pope John Paul II in St. Louis Mo.

    July 12, 2001, my daughter Tonia had a baby girl. One year to the same day my sister in law passed away.
    God takes away and God gives.

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