A few things I love this St. Valentine’s day.

I love a day that is largely un-scheduled.  No pressure.  No schedule.  So Rare!

I love that I was able to comfort a friend, offer advice, share faith, play a little Catholic matchmaking, coordinate rides and schedules and make weekend plans all via text message while cleaning my kitchen and eating lunch in my pajamas.

I love that when I got home late with all the kids my husband turned the leftovers in the fridge into a gourmet meal served on pretty dishes.

I love how my baby snuggles into my chest and strokes my hair to fall asleep. And that once she goes to sleep she is down for the night, peaceful, satisfied, happy.

I love the nights when a hot soak in the tub is just what the doctor ordered and I’m free to soak away.

I love clean sheets on my bed and fresh laundry in the drawers.

I love breaking the news that school is closed to a sleepy-eyed little boy and his first reaction is to ask for a hug.

I love our simple family meals when the dining room table is full of noise and laughter.

I love the mornings when I’m the first one up and I can savor a few minutes of peace and prayer with a hot cup of tea.

I love that sending in napkins for the 2nd grade valentine party is an option.  That was easy!

I love garbage day.  It’s like a weekly purging leaving behind clean empty garbage cans throughout the house.

I love watching my 8th grader on the basketball court having fun and engaged in sport.  On the sidelines I love that her friends pause to come over and play my little ponies with my little girls and fight over holding the baby.

I love connecting with the families from one school to the next at events and sports.  Familiar faces and community.

I love the excitement of a Varsity sport and a sectional run.

I love that I can reach out in an instant to an entire community of love and support in the blogosphere and that friends I have never met in real life I consider some of my closest confidants.

I love that in this moment I am blessed. I am thankful.

I Love and am Loved


4 thoughts on “LOVE

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  2. It is refreshing to read a blog of grateful ness and appreciation for your blessings. Life is a glass mostly full if you choose to appreciate it that way. Thank you and have a happy valentines day

  3. Love it Karen, it just re-emphasizes that the simple things, are the things we are MOST grateful for! Thank you for summarizing for us:) (Loved meeting you at that 7/8th grade b-ball game at Ludden. Your baby is precious and the “littles” are adorable!) ~C

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